Currently there are 10 boys living at Grace Children's Home. They range in age from 3 to 8 and are all very active boys. Most of the boys have living parents but live as orphans because their parents cannot care for them. Some of the boys lost family members and homes in the 2010 earthquake. They have been turned over to Pastor Lesly and Grace Children's Home to care for them. Chenley, Daniel, Enockson, and Faby all attend school at the Grace Assembly school at the local church. The other boys are educated at home by Jackline and Elisane, the house moms, since they are too young to attend school or have not been enrolled yet.

With each child sponsorship you will be given details about the child you are sponsoring, including birthdate, family history, and interests. If you have questions or an interest in a certain child, please forward your questions to

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