You can change the life of a child today by serving as a child sponsor. Your monthly gift will provide food, water, education and healthcare for one child. Additionally, you will learn details about the child that you are sponsoring and learn how you can pray for him. You will receive personal letters on a periodic basis and will be provided a way where you can communicate with him.

The children will have clean and safe drinking water. They will also be provided three (3) nutritious meals a day. Meals will consist of such foods as rice, beans, chicken, goat, and vegetables. In addition to meals, children will be given vitamins and nutrition suppliements as needed. The Grace Children's Home will have a full-time cook that will oversee all meals and nutrition.

All children of entry level age and above will be in school at Grace Christian Academy. Children will wear a school uniform and will receive a quality academic and Biblical education. Grace Christian School is run by Grace Assembly Church and is an accredited school with 157 students and 9 teachers.

Adequate healthcare is a concern for many in Haiti. Haiti Orphan Foundation has contracted with a local doctor (director of Double Harvest Hospital) to provide for the medical care of the children. Each child will receive periodic examinations by this doctor in the home. Double Harvest Hospital will also provide for any emergency care or treatment for sickness.

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