It is estimated there are between 143 million and 210 million orphans worldwide and when considering children that live as orphans because their parents cannot afford to care for them, this astounding number skyrockets even higher. The Haiti Orphan Foundation is a small group of ordinary people who by God's great love are compelled to do something to address this appalling problem. More than meeting physical needs and caring for the vulnerable, HOF is committed to supporting homes for children that will bring the love of God to spiritually hungry children and disciple them in the truths of God's word.

On January 12, 2010 at 4:53 p.m., a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti with an epicenter just 10 miles west of Port Au Prince, the capital city. Within fifteen days, hundreds of thousands were reported injured or dead and millions were in need of some kind of emergency aid.

As news of the earthquake began to unfold, a team of people associated with Columbia’s First Baptist Church assembled who shared a passion to quickly do something to help in Haiti. By God’s grace a door was opened for this team to fly into Port Au Prince with medical relief supplies 8 days after the earthquake. Working diligently to help those with physical needs in tent cities in and around Port Au Prince as well as offering the hope of Jesus Christ, the team saw God use them mightily.

After returning to the States, FBC received contributions to purchase and ship tents for temporary shelter to needy families in Haiti. A second team delivered these tents and other supplies four weeks later as well as planted the seeds for supporting what would become Grace Children’s Home in Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti.

After this second trip, 6 men who had been on these previous trips met together and formed Haiti Orphan Foundation to physically and spiritually care for children in Haiti.

Located in Croix-Des-Bouquets, Haiti, Grace Children's Home will house up to 24 boys. The home will be run by a partnership with a local church (Grace Assembly) and Pastor Lesly Bertrand.

Pastor Lesly Bertrand oversees a number of churches in Croix Des Bouquets and the surrounding areas and has assisted in operating children's homes for many years. His passion is to the see the children cared for and discipled in Christ while living in the home.
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